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Have you ever seen Sudeep's family ? Kicha Sudeep Family Video

Happy New Year 2020: Sudeep, who gave the video and some message to his fans, keep an eye on your footsteps this year before heading to 2020. What did you get last year? Decide to step up to 2020, he tweeted.

Sandalwood's acting emperor, #Kichcha Sudeep, also greets his fans. Dad, Mum, wife Priya, daughter and other family members are sitting and greeting the New Year by fans. Fans are happy with this video that #Sudeep tweeted at midnight yesterday.

Take a look at your footsteps this year before heading to 2020. These are the precious moments you have spent this year and with you guys! You are the one who needs to apologize and you want forgiveness from yourself. Good for you from someone else and good for someone else!

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Based on those clarity, what should be done this year? What not Where do you need to change? Where does stability need to be maintained? Let's take a step back to the year 2020. Welcome 2020 and wish you all the best.

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